President and Managing Partner at Spear & Lancaster, LLC joins ‘Ted Carew, CHST of Ted Speaks – Safety is My Jam‘  for this weeks episode to help educate our listeners about Industrial Hygiene and other issues that companies may need assistance with. Spear & Lancaster, LLC has helped hundreds of clients with assessing exposures and managing risks through incident prevention techniques to keep their people safe and also achieve greater profits and productivity.

Invisible Hazards. Episode #83 … Click here to listen

Title: The Safety Experts S1E1: A leap of faith…or is it?

Show Notes:

This year, J.E. Spear transformed into Spear & Lancaster, as Jerome welcomed Jeremy to the team. For some, that career change would be considered a leap of faith…but is that really the case?

Welcome to the very first episode of The Safety Experts podcast with your hosts, Jerome Spear and Jeremy Lancaster. To kick off the podcast, Jerome speaks with Jeremy and his wife, Letti Lancaster, as they discuss taking leaps of faith. Jerome, Jeremy, and Letti share how their Christian faith has impacted their lives and careers, and the importance of incorporating faith into decision-making.

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